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McDonald man’s book on son’s heroin addiction aims to help others

Robert Hobbs' book, titled "Heroin: Living and Dying With an Addict You Love," tells how he dealt with his son's addiction

MCDONALD, Ohio (WKBN) – McDonald native Robert Hobbs had nowhere to turn when his son overdosed in February 2014. He wants to make sure no parent has to feel that way again — and hopes his recently released book is a way to accomplish that.

Hobbs’ book is titled “Heroin: Living and Dying With an Addict You Love.” He started writing it in January and finished it about two weeks ago.

He calls the process the hardest thing he has ever done, yet very therapeutic.

“The only way to get through it, according to two of my therapists, is to continue to talk about it,” said Hobbs, who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder from the incident.

Hobbs had just recently found out his son was addicted to heroin after he bailed him out of jail.

Hobbs, who now lives in Georgia, said his book is about a parent who is addicted to his child’s addiction.

“For parents and loved ones — spouses or kids — they are going through emotionally the same type of cycle and they become addicted to the cycle,” Hobbs said.

The odd chapters in the book are Hobbs’ personal story about how he dealt with his son. The even ones educate the readers on heroin.

On the front cover and in the dedication of the book is a little boy.

“The way I see my son is a little boy,” Hobbs said. “Blue on the day he was born.”

Hobbs’ niece Trinity created the front cover.

“It just shows how when you were younger, you were so innocent,” she said. “But growing up, you get addicted and become blue.”

The book was published April 10. Hobbs said it was the top-selling free biography and memoir on Amazon at one point.

You can find the book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kindle. It has 29 reviews on Amazon — all of them 5 stars.