What if 911 Doesn’t Work (They don’t know where you are?)

You Must Have Narcan in Your Home if You Live with a Heroin Addict
And You Must be Prepared to do CPR

911 does not work (cell phone location). You are more likely to get an Uber or a pizza than you are an ambulance. Did you know that? When Prince (Opioids) died – 911 could not locate his mansion and his personal aid only knew he was “At Prince’s house.” Have you tried a cell phone test call from your home or office to see if the dispatcher finds your house? When my son overdosed on heroin, I called 911 – they did not know where I was. I live in a county of 700,000 people. So that begs the question – do you know how to save a heroin (or opioid) addict’s life? Do you know CPR? Do you know what Narcan is? There are now more US heroin overdose deaths (13,000 in 2015 growing 20%/yr) per year than there were annually in the Vietnam war. There are now nearly as many US drug overdose deaths (52,000 in 2015) in a single year than the entire Vietnam War (1965-1974). So you are at a party this summer and that one guy…or That certain person at the office is in the bathroom a little too long… Do you know CPR? not from the 1990s – it changed in 2005? Do you have Narcan at the office? Learn how to save a life