“Tells” Table: How to Know if Your Loved One is Using Opiates or Heroin

Is My Loved One Using Heroin or Opiates?

The "Tells" Table

From the Book, "Heroin - Living and dying with an Addict You Love, How to Survive When Everyone Dies"

Since publishing the book last month, we have gotten several requests for  permission to copy or re-print the "Tells" Table from Appendix 3.  This is really no big deal, all of our readers or non-readers can copy the table.  It is important that everyone around an addict become familiar with the "General Tells" that are exhibited by all addicts as well as those "Personal Tells" which are specific to your loved one.  Some "tells" are like personality traits; they are specifically noticeable on one person, but not another.  Or more clearly, they are "tells" that an addict has a propensity to exhibit over other "tells."

Look for characteristics and traits that your loved one exhibits when clean.  Compare and contrast those traits with "tells," so that you know when a relapse has occurred.  Sometimes, you only get one chance to get your addict into rehab - sometimes, you don't get any.