Parent of a Heroin Addict: Recurring Nightmares Haunt Me

Today’s Book Excerpt: From Heroin – Living and Dying with an Addict You Love, How to Survive when Everyone Dies.

From Appendix 7 My Recurring Nightmares
The 3 Year Old

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I arrived at the scene of the accident. The brilliant, blue, flashing LED lights of the five police cars were lighting up the night sky while making it impossible to see anything clearly. I can make out my son’s car. It’s totaled again. How many totaled cars is that now? I’ll have to count. I wondered where he was; he’s walked away from multiple car accidents and drug overdoses. Even though by the look of his car, he should be dead. A normal man would be dead. But I expect him to show up and tell me how this is not his fault, because it’s never his fault.

The lights are making me dizzy, as I am stopped by a police officer. He takes me by the arm to the area that is quarantined from passersby. It is like a medical triage area. There are a lot of people getting attention. There are a couple of body bags that look to be in use. Because there is so much going on, the thought of death did not cross my mind yet. I scan the area for my son—I don’t see him.