Little Boy Blue: Addict vs Addiction

The Addict and the Addiction

The Addict is Human, The Addiction is pure Evil

Little Boy Blue was a normal American boy, born to a normal American family, with a normal American potential.  Through the course of life, he made some poor decisions, had some bad fortune, and had some bad injuries.  He became addicted to prescription pain pills.

The pain pills were a fantastic aid in relieving the awful pain of shattered bones.  But they also became a reliable friend in coping with the seemingly impossible difficulties of teenage life.  The shattered bone healed and its awful pain diminished.  The teenage difficulties remained; the reliable friend was needed.

Little Boy Blue did not want to surrender his friend and was now willing to do whatever he must in order to keep him around.  The doctor stopped providing pills and Little Boy Blue had already emptied the medicine cabinets of all of his friends and relatives.  He was now buying pills at school for $40 each.  Though he needed three he was managing what was left of his savings.  Sixteen years of birthday money, Christmas money, and allowance savings were rapidly depleting.  What was he going to do when he was out of money?

One of the guys at school who always had pills told him he could pretend like he lost things.  There was a store he could take his iPod to and sell it.  Then he could use the money to buy pills and tell his parents he lost his iPod.  It didn’t take long before Little Boy Blue “lost” everything he had ever been given.  He was sad and becoming sadder he no longer had anything nice, was fighting with his parents all the time, and was out of stuff to sell.  He really needed his reliable “friends” now.  How else would he cope?

Little Boy Blue started selling his dad’s stuff.  He stole money from his mom. He even started helping the guy at school with delivering pills to other kids who used them.  He would do anything for these pills.  Soon, 1 pill per day was not helping at all.  There was a voice in the back of his head always telling him to get another, get one more, you need just one more pill.  Little Boy Blue did the best he could in satisfying the voice, believing the whole time that the voice was his own.

After a couple of years of trying to satisfy the voice and selling everything, Little Boy Blue started to realize that the voice was lying to him.  At least it was possible that the voice was lying.  He wanted to stop taking pills and decided he would.  Besides, there was nothing left to sell or steal.  He went to his mother and told her what was happening.  He cried on her shoulder telling her how sorry he was.  He was so frustrated because of what he had done to his young life.  But he had time to get it right.  Little did he know that over the next three days he would suffer the worst pain of his life.

Unable to cope with the pain, Little Boy Blue went to the guy at school who had the pills.  He would do anything, anything to make this pain go away.  They guy with the pills told little Boy Blue that he could no longer help him and that he needed to call someone else for help.  The guy with the pills gave Little Boy Blue a number.  He dialed it.

The man with the number met Little Boy Blue at a Walmart parking lot and was very nice.  He seemed to be an astute businessman from Mexico.  He gave Little Boy Blue a brown sticky substance called “H” and showed him how to smoke it.  He also explained to him that smoking is really good but injecting it like a doctor injects medicine is even better.  Little Boy Blue tried the “H”.  After 3 days of suffering without pills, he all of a sudden felt better than he ever had felt in his life.  Little Boy Blue liked “H.”

Little Boy Blue went back to his mother and she was extremely impressed with his sudden turnaround.  She happily lent him a couple hundred bucks.  He immediately went to his new friend and bought a week’s supply of “H.”  He was in business now, no more pills.  One dose of “H” per day and he was all set.  He felt like he could conquer the world.  Sure he was 2 years behind where he wanted to be, but with “H” he would make that up.  He would make that up in no time.

A couple of months later, Little Boy Blue had a job and was attending community college.  Although he put on an act of being normal, he was anything but.  “H” was a powerful friend and he was very convincing.  But in many ways, “H” was just like pills.  It took more and more “H” to feel good and it was getting expensive.  Anytime he tried to quit it was incredibly painful.  “H” would always be behind him telling him to shoot-up he’ll feel better.  One more fix.  Little Boy Blue felt trapped.  He felt that “H” was lying to him.  He wanted to stop.  He desperately wanted to stop.  “H” didn’t like the way Little Boy Blue was behaving.  He was becoming more insistent on Little Boy Blue’s shooting up.

Little Boy Blue went back to his mother.  She was immediately concerned as now he looked worse than ever.  He cried with her again and begged her for help.  He was trapped and didn’t know what to do.  He was scared.  Over and over again he reminded her how far behind he was falling in life.  How he just wanted to be normal, to be normal for his age, yet he kept falling behind.  The harder he tried the further behind he fell.  He needed to get off this stuff and find a way to make it without his coping friends but he had no way of doing it.  He needed help.  He desperately wanted help.  He sobbed with his mother.

“H” made many last ditch efforts in keeping Little Boy Blue close.  He used every lie, every trick, every deception.  Despite all the pain that “H” could inflict on Little Boy Blue, somehow he made it through detox.  It’s fine “H” thought, I can wait.  I’ll be there at the end.

Little Boy Blue made it through rehab and IOP.  He was free from the prison of his mind the prison the pills and “H” had helped him build.  Now he could build his life.  Now he could catch up.  He started life anew – once again.  “H” would occasionally say hello, in the back of Little Boy Blue’s mind.  “One more time, Just one more time will be fine.”

3 months later,  Little Boy Blue was in a minor car accident.  This was right after failing an exam and having a death in the family.  “H” of course offered his help after each incidence.  “Just one more time, you will feel better.  He was no in a good spot and needed a break.  One afternoon he was looking for his professor’s number in his phone when he ran across the number was given by the pill guy all those months ago.  The number to the guy who first introduced him to “H.”

“One more time” “H” said.  Little Boy Blue thought he heard the voice chuckle.  Little Boy Blue wondered if the number still worked.  He remembered that first day, that first high.  He was so satisfied that day.  “One more time, it has been so long it will feel like the first time.”  Little Boy Blue forgot why he was looking through numbers, his attention was diverted.  “One More Time.”  Little Boy Blue pressed the call button.

The phone rang once and was answered by a familiar and friendly voice. “Six for a Hundred, Walmart, 5 Minutes” the friendly voice said before hanging up.

“One more time is going to be so great.” “H” said.  As Little Boy Blue started his car feeling guilty and anxious at the same time.  “One more time, just once more”