Just playing with heroin numbers

There Are at Least Heroin Addicts in the USA

If every adult in America worked to save just one heroin addict – there would be 1,000 men and women working to save one life. If every adult in America worked to stop just one Heroin user from using – there would be 500 men and women per user working to help them. If every adult worked to convince just one person who tried heroin, they should never use again, there would be 250 people per person trying to convince someone not to use. And if every person would look in the mirror when they wake up in the morning and just say “not today, give me the strength just today.” We would live in a better place. #heroin #livinganddying #overdose #heroin #overdose #Livinganddying

There are ~250M Adults in the US, 5MM (at least) users of opiate pain pills without a script, 259MM opiate pain scripts written per year – more than enough for 1 bottle per American Adult.There are 1MM heroin users, 500,000 have used in the last month, 250,000 are addicted, 13,000 died in 2015.  These numbers are 14 months old now…and they are the best our government has.  I assume a 20%/yr growth — that is a lot of dead bodies coming our way in 2017.