Heroin in Ohio The News ain’t Pretty and it is Just Starting

OHIO – The Heart of it All and Right Now the Heart of Heroin

It is unfortunate that the Buckeye State – my Home State – is leading the national news in Heroin Overdose Stories
Hopefully, from the Tragedy in Ohio, the Buckeyes will Find a Solution for the Rest of US!

These are the kinds of stories I am hearing: Heroin Overdose Man left in Park to Die, 13 year Old Dead Overdosed on Dad’s Heroin, Woman left in Ditch to Die, Stepfather Trades Heroin for sex, Toddler Overdoses on Heroin, 911 Dispatchers Overwhelmed with OD Calls.

Look at these for one second.

If these happened over the course of a year, we would leave this post feeling pretty upset – they all happened within the last month.

If these happened all over the country – we would leave this post a little upset.

But hang on SLOOPY!!!

All of this happened in OHIO! In one month!!!!

This is my home-state man! This shit DOES NOT HAPPEN HERE! We are small-town minded, community-focused, salt of the earth, God-Fearing (because dammit read the motto), Hard-working, child-loving people! We are Buckeyes! (and bobcats)

No matter where we go in the world – if we see one of our own – one will shout from across the airport with brimming pride O-H…

…and immediately with a broad grin we would be rewarded with an…I-O! No one else has this kind of kinsmanship with their people. Go Irish, Roll Tide, Puh-lease…

But what are we becoming known for now? The national news is going to lambast us; our state government DOES NOT know what to do…

Our kids are dying by the dozens per day…

There are arrests and new laws — but our kids are still dying every day!

The people have to step up! Villages and towns and the citizens have got to take this matter into their own hands! This is an all out emergency! It is far worse than any tornado we ever had! Far worse than a burning river, far worse than John Cooper!

This isn’t that state up North, This isn’t PA which can’t decide between East Coast or Midwest, This is the HEART of it ALL – Guys what if the HEART dies? OHIO cannot DIE!