Good or Not – Ohio Government Does not Care About Ideas – Only Talking Points

I wrote a letter to Ohio Governor Kasich Offering Help on the Heroin Epidemic

Ohio Leads the Nation on the WRONG Side of Heroin Epidemic Solutions

Ohio’s Elected Leader (and POTUS Wannabe) Responds Not Only With Talking Points

WTF IS HE DOING Today to Save the Lives of EIGHT Ohioans Who Will Die of Heroin Overdose TONIGHT?

Here is the letter I wrote followed with the Governor’s Brush Off:

Dear Governor

I am sorry for writing a generic mail.  But every day I wait 90+ more people die nationwide.  I want to help – but I feel helpless.  Getting people to talk about heroin openly and candidly is very difficult.  The stigma is too strong.  Families affected by the hell of addiction are too ashamed to admit it until death washes away any pride they have left.  Compassionate citizens are ready to fight but leadership is fragmented.  The doubtful population continue to stress hateful messages or promote better uses of money than saving addicts from overdose or a lifetime of hell.
The bottom line is it is still much too likely that my best friend may be suffering from addiction in his family but will not find comfort in my love because he fears my judgment.  I completely understand – I was him.  I almost lost my son and in trying to save him, I lost myself for 3 years.  Now, my worst fears are being realized as nearly 100 families suffer the loss of life due to overdose every day while most of them have no idea what to do.
The people are waiting for “they” to do something.  “They” are you!  The government.  I am afraid that no matter what you do, 90+ people are going to die tonight.  No matter what you do 90+ people will die tomorrow.  In fact, if my prayers were answered in this moment and every addict dropped their spoon and needle and begged for help, the vast majority would relapse tomorrow because there is nowhere for them to go.
Government is doing all it can!  But the results will come in government time – which you know as well as I do is a long time, especially when we are losing 90 citizens per day.  It is time for the people to stand up and join the fight.  It is the only way to save lives tonight.  It is the only way to save lives tomorrow.  The short term solution must fall on us – otherwise, we might as well start writing off American lives at a clip we haven’t seen since World War II.
I am asking you to


1) Help remove the stigma; make it not only ok but a civil responsibility to openly discuss heroin without judgment,

2) To put the people on the hook right next to you for the outcome of this mess

3)  To release the death rate data in real time – 2015 data from the CDC understates the significance of what we face,

4) To petition the pharmaceutical companies to take responsibility for their role in this dating back to their (potentially fraudulent) use of the Jick and Porter letter

5) To petition those same companies to immediately stop taking any profit on any drugs used in combating the epidemic they helped create – these drugs include Suboxone, Subutex, Vivitrol, ReVia, Narcan, and Methadone.

If you would like to know more about me, you can find information on several blogs and websites.  I am on twitter @RobertHobbs31.  My most visited webpage is , which is the blog for a book I just published on my dramatic survival fighting my son’s addiction.  It provides 3 years worth of information that parents need to survive this themselves.  One thing I have liked about the book is people are willing to talk about a book.  They still don’t talk about heroin – but they will talk about a book about heroin.  I want to do more.  Please consider addressing my requests above – I know you will save lives next year; I want to save some tonight.


Warmest Regards,
Robert Hobbs
PS: I currently reside in GA.  I grew up n Youngstown, OH and have been here for 2 weeks trying to help people join the fight.

Dear Robert:

 Thank you for your recent correspondence. I appreciate hearing from you.

Addiction is one of the most challenging problems facing our nation. No neighborhood, family or demographic group is immune from this threat. For those of us who don’t understand the struggles of addiction, it’s hard to imagine this lifetime challenge. 

 We are working every day to prevent as many people as possible from facing this challenge, while getting those who are addicted the treatment and support they need to begin to recover. 

 Over the past five years our state has worked to shutdown pill mills, crack down on traffickers and make sure people in pain don’t get dosage levels that start them down the path toward addiction. At the same time, we are giving our schools the tools to get kids the straight facts about drugs. While the state has made progress in the fight against opiate abuse, there is still more to be done to ensure every Ohioan has the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

 This is not a fight we can win without partners who want to step up to help in their communities, and I look forward to working more with the General Assembly to address this important issue.

 If my office can be of any further assistance, please let me know.


 John R. Kasich