Excerpt from the Book, Heroin-Living and Dying with an Addict You Love, How to Survive when Everyone dies

Facts about Heroin Every Parent Needs to Know
Heroin Wasn’t the First Drug and Addict Fell Victim to
  1. If you think a loved one is hiding something from you that might be drug related, the depth of the problem might be far greater than you can imagine.
  2. A heroin addict in withdrawal will go to almost any length to get a fix.
  3. There is a tremendous difference in appearance, demeanor, and personality between a withdrawing heroin addict just before a fix and just after a fix.
  4. The realization of heroin addiction will have a huge impact on you physically, emotionally, and mentally. It has the potential to affect your life, until there is seemingly nothing of value left.
  5. Few, if any, heroin addicts start off with heroin. It takes time and other addictions to get there.
  6. Abuse of pain pills leads to heroin abuse.
  7. Suboxone use is an indicator of heroin (and other narcotic opiates) abuse.

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