Cinci Area experiencing switch from Heroin to Fentanyl

Synthetics becoming more prevalent in Tri-State Opiate Overdoses

The OH-KY-IN Tri-state area, one of the hardest hit regions in the nation when it comes to heroin overdoses, is witnessing a switch from heroin to Fentanyl.  Fentynal is  as much as 100x more potent than heroin, it is easy to make, and it is cheap.  Heroin has been “cut” or diluted with fentanyl for years.  Recently, the percentage of fentanyl per dose is increasing and more overdoses are due to fentanyl than heroin.  Users had better be careful, there may not be enough Narcan to save everyone if Fentanyl becomes the drug of choice. #heroin #overdose #littleboyblue #livinganddying