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Heroin Usage Growth Rate Highest Among Whites – CNN

Is the Heroin Epidemic Another Racial Issue? Is Heroin White? Black? or Brown? This issue has been getting a bit of color lately.  Not the good kind.  It is true that the heroin epidemic is growing fastest

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Free Files: NYC Issues 36 Page Manual on Fighting Opioids

NYC Getting Serious About Heroin NYC 36 Page Booklet on Fighting the Opioid Epidemic HealingNYC-Report (Local Copy) Heroin and Opioids – are a leading cause of death in NYC. #heroin #overdose ...

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The Heroin Death March of Athletes

The Heroin Death March for Athletes – Injury Pills Addiction Heroin Death Many young athletes are injured at one time or another.  Too often, their doctors are all too eager to either help ease

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Maine Losing Hundreds per Year to Heroin

Even Maine Cannot Escape the Heroin Epidemic Gripping the Nation Maine Special Report on Overdose Deaths The State of Maine is not Immune to the Heroin Epidemic.  Hundreds of Mainers have been tragically

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Deadly Fentanyl Seized in Dayton, Ohio

Six Pounds of Fentanyl Seized Dayton Ohio Drug Bust Ohio leads the nation in Opioid overdose deaths.  6 pounds of Fentanyl can kill a bunch of people. #heroin #overdose #livinganddying

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