Book Excerpt: God. Eventually, Everyone Will Come to Terms with Him or Her

From the Book: Living and Dying with an Addict You Love, How to Survive When Everyone Dies

Chapter 14 – Wellness and Well-Being
Spiritual Wellness

I have had almost mystical experiences where I was communicated with via a mechanism other than a voice. Meaning, I was told what to do or shown what was happening in a form other than language. I believe that those communications, those nonverbal, short duration, but extremely vivid and detailed messages were direct communications from God. Had I listened to the ego on the morning of my son’s overdose, I would have gone to work and my thirteen-year-old daughter would have found her dead brother in the bathroom after school. But God intervened, without speaking a word, and sent me up those stairs into that bathroom. Why? What was the purpose of that intervention?

It is one of two reasons. One, God wanted me to suffer from the memories of that morning for the rest of my life. Two, God wanted to transform my life from one of chasing material items to one of saving lives. I saved my son’s life that day. I helped save another life two years later, when I worked with my roommate’s nephew, and now I am writing this book with the expressed intention of helping to save more addicts and, equally as important, the lives of parents struggling with what to do.

God’s Will

God’s will. Until February 25, 2014, I had no idea what God wanted me to do. I asked nonchalantly, almost insincerely, for God to just tell me what to do, so that I could be happy. Truth be told, I didn’t really want the answer, because I would have to “give something up.” Maybe God told me, and I wasn’t listening, or maybe I wasn’t ready.

During the past three years, God transformed me. I am still trying to accept and get used to the new me. By writing this book, I am aligning my will with God’s will. I cannot tell you the results yet. I still don’t know, but if one life is saved or made better by this effort, then that life might go on to do something amazing for God and people.

I just got goosebumps, and as soon as I acknowledged them, they were gone.