Book Excerpt: Dying with a Heroin Addict


Book Excerpt: Heroin-Living and Dying with an Addict You Love, How to Survive when Everyone Dies.

Free in the Kindle Store for one day only April 18, 2017. Paperback and Hardcover Release 4/18/17 at and on-line at Barnes and Noble.

From Chapter 3: Neither Live, Neither Die

I got down on my knees. His back was facing up, his head was down, and his torso was curled in a ball. I reached across his back and grabbed his far shoulder. Then I rotated him toward me. His head came into the cradle of my left arm.

“Oh! Geezus! Fuck!”

I had never seen so many shades of blue and purple before. I slapped his face and screamed his name—no response. He wasn’t breathing.

I checked his wrist for a pulse—I had a hard time gripping his limp arm with one hand without using my thumb. I could feel my heart beating—in my chest, in my neck, in my temples. I couldn’t find a pulse in his arm. I must have been doing it wrong. I moved my fingers to his neck. I checked six or seven times up and down the side of his neck. I couldn’t find one.

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