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5/20/17 Today’s Heroin Herald and Overdose Observer

Articles of Interest Charlotte Kid Says Opitates/Heroin too Easy to Buy 5 Year Old Ohio Boy Saves Parents Wife OD’s after Viewing Pics of Cheating Husband Los Angeles Times Undercover

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10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Prevent Heroin from Destroying Your Family

1. Learn CPR. Heroin and Opiate Addicts die simply because their breathing stops. Breathe into them and you will keep them alive. Make sure everyone who interacts with the addict

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5/17/17 Today’s Heroin Herald and Overdose Observer

Today’s Highlights Russians to Gas People with Opiates Death in Rest Stops and Visitor Centers New Test for Fentanyl in your Heroin Overdoses and Drug Busts All around the Country NPR An

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7 Reasons Why We Are Going to Lose the Heroin Fight

How many objectives have you achieved without leadership, metrics, and real-time data?1) There is no leadership.  It was announced a full 46 days ago, on March 27th, that Chris Christie was going

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5/11/17 Today’s Opiate Inquirer

Bangor Daily News See realtime coverage Trump lieutenant takes war on opiates to Maine, faces skepticism, protests Bangor Daily News  – ‎18 hours ago‎ U.S.

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