Gerald Rhett: This book captures the essence of the addiction of an opiate addict from the eyes of his father. It depicts the full spectrum of emotions that he lives with every day, not knowing whether his son is going to live or die.

A riveting real-life drama unfolds as you are lead through the Recovery-Relapse Lifecycle:
  • Discovery. Following another arrest, and a harrowing high speed evasion, an unsuspecting father discovers his son is addicted to a drug he is completely unfamiliar with.
  • Tragedy. Within hours of discovering the ugly truth about his son, a father and his family are unwillingly cast into the world of heroin addiction and overdose.
  • Recovery. As the addict progresses through recovery, his father's life deteriorates only to turn toward the discovery of a life filled with well-being.

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What the Experts are Saying:

Dr. Walter Brooks Tangu, Inc.

“Bob tells a painful, riveting story of his life, fighting his son’s addiction in his insightful book on heroin addiction and the painful effect on the family. Many addicts die from addiction and many more experience repeated relapses. I implore anyone with an addict in your family to read this book for the knowledge and education about addiction within the family and the struggles experienced by the addict to get clean. This book may save lives.”                       — Dr. Walter Brooks, PhD, LPC, MAC, NCAC-II, CCS, SAP, Tangu, Inc. CEO 

    Robert Jordan    The Extension

“The book was totally riveting, up close, and intensely emotional. I’ve been in the addiction field for nearly 10 years, worked with families and parents and have shared their traumas and experiences, but never from an in-depth perspective as Heroin—Living and Dying with an Addict You Love. This book is a must read for loved ones of someone struggling; it is valuable for information, an intervention, and hope."  —Robert Jordan, NCAC, CAC, CAMSII

   Gerald Rhett   Recovery Unlimited

Imagine what it is like to be drained daily of your life force from a drug addiction, while your only interest is the life of someone you love. While your life deteriorates, the addict’s life goes on, as he or she watches how the addiction affects you, with no consequence to him or her.  I commend this father for being so transparent in his storytelling and wanting to share his experience with the many parents and loved ones of addicts all around the world."  —Gerald Rhett, LCSW, CADCII, CCS, SAP

In the Book, You Will Discover:

Life Saving Tips

Heroin is an incredibly powerful and addictive narcotic that gives addicts an intense feeling of euphoria followed by an overall sense of well-being.  As tolerance to the drug increases, so does the dosage required to provide the same high, eventually resulting in an overdose.  The addict stops breathing and unless treated immediately will die. 

How to Choose a Treatment Provider

The addiction rehabilitation and treatment options afforded to families are numerous.  It is hard enough just trying to understand the vocabulary used in the addiction business.  How to choose the best treatment option is confusing, and no one wants to make a mistake. Learn how to evaluate treatment providers based on what's best for you and your loved one.

How the Recovery-Relapse Lifecycle Works

What are the major building blocks to a recovery program once an addict hits bottom?  Why are there different medications prescribed at different times, and how long will recovery take?  Get the answers to these questions as well as how to prepare yourself for what addiction likely has in store for you and your family.

A Way Out of the Trap

The relapse rate of intravenous heroin addicts following first-time rehabilitation is extremely high.  Long-term recovery stories are hard to come by as many addicts relapse several times prior to getting clean.  Parents and loved ones often find themselves caught in an endless cycle of hope and despair as the addict cycles through recovery and relapse.  It can feel as if there is no way out.  Learn how to break free from the cycles of addiction once and for all.

About the Author: Robert Hobbs

Robert L. Hobbs Jr. is an American author, public speaker, certified professional coach, strategic interventionist, and POSE Method running coach.  While his passion for coaching and mentoring has broad appeal, his current practice with The Sandalwood Wellness Center is focused on executives in personal and/or professional crisis,  turn-arounds, creating "epic" comebacks from setbacks, and heroin addiction in families.  All coaching clients begin a minimum six week, in person, by telephone  or video-conference program with a no-charge strategy session. He is also seeking stories for his next nonfiction book.

What People Are Saying

Amazon Customer April 14, 2017

A Must Read! Kindle Edition.  If you've been lucky enough to not personally know someone who is addicted to Heroin and opiates then you don't know the daily hurt and heartache it brings. These family or friends once thrived and functioned as our sisters, brothers, parents, children...they are human, their hearts still beat... but for how long? They are still people just ravished by this awful addiction. Instead of spreading hate against this, please educate yourself, be kind and let's hope for all of our futures & those who have yet to be born that we fight so hard to stop this, that it is no longer killing us all. This book will open your eyes and heart to this epidemic, healing for those touched by it, & the knowledge to empower us all to save lives.

Amazon Customer April 14, 2017

How would I respond if a loved one were dying before my very eyes because of...Kindle Edition. The emotions I felt while reading this can't be explained. What would I do if this were my story? How would I react if my child were an addict? How would I respond if a loved one were dying before my very eyes because of an overdose? The answer to all of these questions is, I have no idea. What I do know is that I'm now better prepared to answer these questions after reading this book. I can only hope that I never have to face these questions as a reality. Addiction is a reality and a burden that no one wishes to carry. The author is fighting it head on. A fight to the death if need be. For the life of his son.

Talbab April 14, 2017

What an Important Book! Kindle Edition.  By far, one of the most important books for a parent. This book has vital information for parents who have a child in addiction. Mr. Hobbs writes from his heart and it is a heart that had broken for his child. Please read this book. Gain knowledge about an epidemic that sadly continues to grow in the U.S.

Amazon Customer   April 14, 2017

A Gripping True Story of a Father's Love.  Paperback Edition. I have had the opportunity to read the book Heroin-Living and Dying with an Addict You Love and it touches on every emotion possible. Robert's battle to save his son from heroin is gripping, I found myself crying for the family, angry that dealers in their quest to make money are willing to destroy lives and informed on what to do if confronted by someone overdosing. It is a must read for everyone, we are effected by this epidemic in all walks of life and it's time to open the lines of communication, this book is the first step.

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