6/25/17: Final Edition Heroin Herald and Overdose Observer

Today’s Only Story

As indicated on 4 previous live prayer meetings, sending out all the articles of death and destruction is not serving a higher purpose.  The news is not advancing our mission to save 90-120 heroin addicts from death tonight.  Therefore, instead of spending time telling America what it already knows, we are going to pray together live twice daily.  Once in the evening at 9:30PM Eastern for all Active Addicts – but most especially for the 90-120 addicts who will use for the last time and die that evening.  Then in the morning, at 9:30 AM Eastern we will again join in a facebook live prayer for each of the 90-120 mothers who are finding out that their child died from overdose the previous night.  I know many of you depended on this resource for updates – I apologize – but my purpose is to try to save lives – my energy needs to focus there.  God Bless All of US!