Heroin makes many promises


It will take everything from everyone

Life, Love, Money, Property, Pride, Dignity, Honor, Even the Will to Live

You Can Learn to Survive this Epidemic!

Through an Intensely Emotional Three Year Struggle Fighting His Son's Heroin Addiction a Father Learned How to Survive  

As he tells his painful story, Robert Hobbs shares his invaluable experiences navigating the Recovery Process from Detox through Rehab, IOP, Sober Living, and Wellness

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Heroin Will Take Everything, Learn How to Survive Today!

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Robert Hobbs
Author, Coach, Speaker

About the Author

Robert L. Hobbs Jr. is an American best-selling author, public speaker, certified professional coach, strategic interventionist, and POSE Method running coach. While his passion for coaching and mentoring has broad appeal, his current practice with The Sandalwood Wellness Center is focused on executives in personal and/or professional crisis, turn-arounds, creating "epic" comebacks from setbacks, and heroin addiction in families. All coaching clients begin a minimum six week, in person, by telephone or video-conference program with a no-charge strategy session. He is also seeking stories for his next nonfiction book.